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Old acts

The acts below have proven their worth and are now in a well-deserved retirement!

Old acts - Cirq Porcelaine

Cirq Porcelaine - Info


The beauty and height of the characters attracts the attention of the audience from afar. But when they suddenly come to life, they continue to seduce people, but you also discover the sharp edges of the porcelain sculptures.

An unexpected and interactive act that goes back in the style of its past. Beautiful!

- Number of artists: 2

  - Duration performance(s): 2 x 40' (within 3 hours) or  3 x 30' (within 5 hours)

  - Technical sheet + description of the playground = a changing room on the ground floor, in case of stilts

  - Adjustments possible



Mysterious characters emerge from behind the audience, creating an unexpected atmosphere. They feed a large pot with elements from the spectators. They quietly prepare everything to arrive at the great Sabat. The soil is purified, the pot begins to bubble and boil. She is worshiped until the devil suddenly comes out and shows what the magical underworld looks like with his fire techniques. A fire show with a story and high-quality technical (fire) effects.

Cirq Sabat
(from the offer)

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