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Cirq Magic

'Big shows in a little tent'

Be amazed in the world's smallest (mobile) circus tent and enjoy short but magical magic and mentalism shows. Fall from one surprise to the next and let chance and fate guide you. 

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Cirq Magique - Info

Have you ever seen a moving circus tent? No? Then this is your chance, Cirq Magique brings magical experiences to the visitors in a unique way. A mix of mind reading, sleight of hand and mentalism thrills everyone. The magician adapts his show to every level, for both young and old. You can also look in from the outside, through the peepholes, to catch a glimpse of all the magic. The waiting people are also animated outside the tent! Everyone is happy right?


How: 2 x 60' (within 3 hours) or 3 x 45' (within 5 hours)

Mobile: we play short acts one after the other (between 4 and 6 'depending on how many people are waiting) in our tent for a small (5 to 10 p ) number of people (but there are also places backstage) In this way we can still reach a large audience. Those waiting are already getting a warm-up.


Fixed act : For the fixed version we will stay on site and people can come and watch the show spontaneously or by appointment. 

The content remains the same.

In rainy weather we provide a construction with a shelter (photos coming soon). Towards the evening, this fixed construction can be lit with torches or lamps (electricity provided).

Technical sheet

†       Parking space as close to the event as possible


Info tent

†       dimensions tent : L 223, W 143, H 262

†       dimensions fixed decor : Length 6m, Width 3m (this is the minimum)          


Number of artists: 2 


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