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Cirq Mystic

Do you dare to invite these creatures?

These two mysterious figures literally and figuratively 'flame' through your event and your guests will have known it! With a combination of fire and humor, these creatures provide fun interaction with the audience in a challenging but comical way. 

Mechelen in vuur en vlam ZO 09-01-2022 (66 van 272).jpg

Cirq Mystic - Info

Two mysterious figures floating  around and through the crowd on their segways. With their sarcastic, provocative and teasing character, they really set fire to you. But they can also be sweet. They provide wonder and magic.  

  - Number of artists: 2

  - Duration of performance(s): 2 x 35' (within 3 hours) or  3 x 30' (within 4 hours)

  - Technical sheet + description of the playground = a changing room on the ground floor, it's a mobile act

  - We can bridge a great distance, but the further the less interaction with the public

  - Adjustments possible


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