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Cirq Civil

Need help? Call the police!

Order, tranquility, discipline and safety are the core values of Maurice and Gerard, the two friendliest and greatest police officers in the world. This arm of the law ensures that everything is run smoothly and that the smile appears on everyone's face.


Cirq Civil - Info

These macho cops from the seventies provide a strong visual and comic act. They are all too happy to take a picture and pose with great pleasure, but if the unrest is disturbed, they are quick with the matrak and the shackles.

†  Number of artists: 2

  - Duration time(s) : 2 x 35' (within 3 hours) or 3 x 30' (within 5 hours)

  - Technical sheet + description of the playground = a changing room on the ground floor (if using stilts)

  - Adjustments possible


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