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Cirque Moustique

Are they curious or mysterious? Or both? Who knows?

A mystical interactive act in which these spears move cautiously between the audience and curiously explore their new world. Slowly, but looking at everything, they step forward. As with any insect, they are curious about who humans are and what they have to offer, but don't trust them too much. They do not sting but stimulate your audience all the more.. 

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Cirq Moustique - Info

Two gigantic creatures move slowly and mysteriously through crowds, forests and events. Because of the beauty of the costumes, they arouse everyone's attention, but also because everyone wonders what exactly the two insects are. Matter for discussion, just like real art!


†  Number of artists: 2

- Duration time(s) : 2 x 35' (within 3 hours) or 3 x 30' (within 5 hours)

- Technical sheet + description of the playground = a changing room on the ground floor, a mobile act + an attendant

- Adjustments possible!


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